About us


Jersey might not have Black Rhinos, Mountain Gorillas or Giant Pandas, but it does have some very rare habitats that are home to many species at their geographical limits, as well as a few gems that appear nowhere else in the WORLD!

As well as these rarer treasures, Jersey is home to many other species that need our help; including once common farmland birds, Red Squirrels and bats, to mention just a few, even woodlands and trees need careful management to keep them in good condition.

We need to protect these species and the habitats they live in, but many people wander what they can do. Simply planting a single Oak will become home to over 800 species of insects alone, but don’t stop there…

Get in touch and we can help you plant trees, manage land, write management plans, provide homes for birds, sow specialist crops for wildlife and many more things besides.

We are a small company, but with your help we can make a big difference.